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Quiet Portable Air Conditioner

A quiet portable air conditioner allow you to think or to talk on the phone. An air conditioner that is not quiet is not working efficiently. It takes energy to produce sound.

Quiet Portable Air Conditioner

A Quiet Portable Air Conditioner should be operating below 70 decibels. About the same noise level as a conversation. Above that, and the air conditioner is talking over you.

Ideally, it should be quieter. Much quieter. We have portable air conditioners that operate in the low 50 decibel range.

A difference of 10 decibels means that to the observer the noise is half as loud. Half as loud!

Our portable air conditioners are quiet and you can roll them easily from room to room. You can cool (and sometimes heat) only the room you are in. And that means you stay comfortable and only use what you need.

Did we mention they save you money? Portable air conditioners are very advanced and present technologies are about at their apex. For example, our ac units use waste water to cool themselves down, thus working less hard. And an air conditioner that works less hard uses less electricity. And less money.

Slide-in window units usually do not do that. It is easier to let the water drip.

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Quiet portable air conditioner should be efficient and money saving

And they are !

This are the top quietest portable air conditioners with huge reliability and amazing prices! See them over here!

1. 🏆 Honeywell MN10CESBB Quiet Portable Air Conditioner

2. Trustech 10.000 BTU Quiet Portable Air Conditioner

3. Haier 12,000 BTU Quiet Portable Air Conditioner

4. DELLA 12,000 BTU

5. DeLonghi PACAN120EW-3A

Photo gallery for the Honeywell MN10CESBB

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