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Best Gas Grills under $500 – Buying Guide [2018-2019]

by on September 3, 2018

Looking for the Best Gas Grills under $500? No need to worry. First of all, forget what you’ve heard about gas grills. There are a lot of myths on the internet and in every day life. At the end everything i’m going to tell will make sense and you’ll end up making best decision in purchasing the best gas grill under $500.

Best Gas Grills under $500 – Buying Guide

Barbecue grilling has a special spot in today’s culture and it is quite affordable to do since there are many discount gas grills available. Gas grills come in a variety of sizes and styles, from compact, portable grills to round, kettle-style grills on stands to standard full-size grills mounted on movable console carts. They are available in sizes ranging from small, single steak grills up to large, industrial sized restaurant grills which are able to cook enough meat to feed a hundred or more people and are designed for either LP or NG, although it’s possible to convert a grill from one gas source to another.

Gas grills are easy to use—no more fighting with lighting your charcoal (and keeping it lit), no waiting for coals to heat and no guessing at temperature. Also at a push of a button, gas grills are a better choice than charcoal for everyday use.

Tips when looking for the Best Gas Grills under $500

Here are some quick tips when looking to buy a grill!

1. How do you like to cook your food? Do you want to place it on the grill and walk away until it is done, or do you want to cook things fast and hot? Do you like to cook directly over the flame or not?

2. Make sure that your gas grill has a good warranty from the manufacturer. This way you can save money on the parts that shouldn’t have broken from the first place.

3. You have to make sure that the burner has a proportional size with the grill. Many manufacturers make an large casting with a little burner – in other words you’ll have a lot of hot and cold spots.

4. Always make sure that the flame tamer is directly seated over your gas grill burner – (not like other grills that have them to the sides).

5. Meat grids. Stainless, cast iron or porcelain, most will work without a problem, as long as you clean them properly.

6. Temperature. If you love steaks, make sure the grill it can reach 600 degrees easily. You don’t want your stake to dry out on the grill.

7.Last but not least buy a gas grill that will last long.

What are the Best Gas Grills under $500

When looking for the Best Gas Grills under $500 we decided to take a look at one of the many Weber gas grills and try to advise if it is worth buying. We aim to generally access what others are saying by reading through their gas grill reviews and customer feedback. By reading these gas grill reviews we should be able to gauge if this model is worth buying and if it really is the best gas grill for you.

We literally browsed through hundreds of the best gas grill reviews to access the quality of this machine and decide if it really is the best gas grill available.

🏆 The Winner is Weber 46110001 . If you won’t take our word then convince yourself by reading here reviews on Amazon.com .

Weber Gas Grill review

Like every other best gas grill that we have reviewed, we were delighted to find that the Weber had a large number of very positive gas grill reviews and comments from customers who have tried it. Our experience has shown that analysing the best gas grill reviews is always a very important factor when looking for the best gas grill, because it shows that the people who are buying the product are happy with their purchase. In fact they are so happy, that they took the time to actually leave their feedback which lets other prospective buyers read their gas grill reviews and decide which is the best gas grill for them. In essence you can be assured that if the majority of gas grill reviews are positive, you are sure to be buying the best gas grill.

Some of the feedback from these gas grill reviews mentioned that this grill is very fuel efficient and seems that many of the buyers use it 5 times a week. They reported that cooking on a small 5lb propane tank lasts them over a month, even when using it several times a week. Many of the users that wrote these gas grill reviews loved that is was so small and could easily live on their front patio, ready to be used. This makes it really easy to store with minimum clean-up and effort once you are finished using it.

User review Best Gas Grills under $500

Many users found the grill surface large enough for a family of four, with one user mentioning that they easily cook 6 burgers on it in one go. Another person that took the time to add to the gas grill reviews described that the Weber gas grill takes about 5 minute to heat up to the correct cooking temperature and that it cooks meat perfectly.

Users also seemed to love the Weber recipe book which offers time-chart illustrating showing users exactly how to get the best out of your gas grill. It was interesting to read how one user commented that his friends all bought a cheaper grill and now their food sticks to the grid while his is perfect. As a result, none of his friends ever want to grill on their own gas grills and always ask him if they can borrow his. He didn’t seem to mind though admitting that he actually enjoys being the envy of all his friends because they think he has the best gas grill in the neighbourhood.

Best Gas Grill Conclusion

From what we have seen and read in these gas grill reviews, this particular Weber model looks like a very affordable purchase for the quality that it offers. The buyers that have used it feel that they have the best gas grill as they have taken the time to leave constructive and thoughtful gas grill reviews, of which the majority were extremely positive. If you are looking for the best gas grill this Summer, we would advise that you look at one of the Weber gas grills.

Happy grilling !

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