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Best Home Decorating Ideas that you will love

by on November 11, 2018

Best Home Decorating Ideas – “An image makes a thousand words, and an idea can change a setting. We have the pictures, we have the ideas. 5 ideas for your home, all beautiful and simple. Beautiful things are simple, and simple, often very beautiful.”

Best Home Decorating Ideas for a beautiful House

Best home decorating ideas – Window Effect

Use the windows as part of the house decor when possible. The idea is rather a tip and it is besides the other 5 ideas for your home.

The wall with photos. We can not afford all the artwork to decorate with style the walls. The alternative, which respects all the rules of art and aesthetic canons, is art photography. More accessible, the photo is a great wall decoration. The detail that makes the difference is how you expose them and organize them on the wall.

I have always pleaded for different frames and a studied disorder. There is also the solution of an exhibition organized in identical frames. The effect is successful and is one of the 5 ideas for your home.

Best home decorating ideas – Copper mirrors

It seems that in the next period copper will make the law in the interior decorations. And the color, and the material. Proof of these globes for luminaires that personalize in a very special way the decor. We pass these decorating elements on the list of ideas for your home.

Best home decorating ideas – White walls

Color is mandatory in a home, but it is the way you use it. A whitewashed house with bright walls turns radically with just a few accents of color. The big advantage of the color spots in a room with white walls and clean is that it will warm the place, color the walls and give it personality. At the same time the camera remains white.

The secret lies in the few shades of the same color and the contrast between white and red. We’re still one of the few ideas for your home.

Best home decorating ideas – Be natural

Change without changing. What do you do if you stand in need, in an unfriendly and ugly place that you can not change? You change it without changing it. The photo talks about simple, radical transformations that have changed an ugly and cold interior without actually changing anything.

Best home decorating ideas – Hanging plants

The hanging plants and the colorful panel, plus the chairs and table, are one of the most inspired ideas for your home.

Best home decorating ideas – Wardrobe without doors

Some of your clothes do not deserve to be in the closet. Either because they are too beautiful or because you do not have a closet. The wooden frame acts as a closet, but it is not a closet, it helps you organize things, but do not blog your space.

A trick: the walls of the closet should be made of plexiglass.

A solution as an idea of ​​ten points in the list of 5 ideas for your home, especially useful for the youth rooms or the places where you stay temporarily.

Living Room Home Design Ideas

Interior design ideas living room

The living is the soul of any home. At dinner time, after dinner, we all gathered in the living room to spend some time together before taking her to the bedroom. That’s why it’s important to have a comfortable, welcoming and spacious living room for the whole family, and of course to the likes of all family members.

Most often we will choose modern living rooms, an interior design style that tends to be neutral, with the goal of creating a fresh, friendly and fresh environment in which anyone can feel good. Additionally, it is an easy-to-fit design, requiring only a few design ideas, a simple, even minimalist furniture and an appropriate color scheme. It’s never too late to set up a modern living room for your family, so we invite you to inspire yourself out of the 100 modern living room ideas from the above gallery.

Cheats for setting up a small living room

You can use this Living Room Home Design Ideas with confidence as one of the very useful tricks in decorating a small living room. Here are some tips for arranging a small living room in an apartment or even for a studio:

  • uses predominantly odd, perhaps white, shades, because they give the feeling of a more generous space
  • purchase furniture as little as possible, just sum up the necessary
  • choose pieces of furniture with simple lines without decorations and items that visually load the camera
  • opts for small-sized furniture items, preferably room-based models, not models that sit directly on the floor
  • he places a framed mirror in front of a window or a door
  • natural light as much as possible, if possible, a multi-window living room will look bigger no matter what its real surface
  • place lighting fixtures in multiple corners of the room, you can feel more space by using light creatively
  • Store it vertically, so do not use too much space on the floor

Open kitchen with living room

Tips for setting up an open space living room with kitchen

An American style living room is an increasingly popular choice, because it saves a lot of space. The advantage of having a living room with kitchen included is that you have more ideas and solutions for the arrangement because you have much more room to put your ideas into practice.

In an open-space kitchen you can place a dining place right on the front of the living room wall. If you opt for this solution, you need to maintain a common arrangement for both spaces so you get a consistent result and there is no discrepancy between them.

When choosing a living room and open space kitchen, you must take into account ventilation, so that the fragrance of food preparation does not flood the whole house. With a well chosen chore, this challenge is resolved. You can enjoy your Open kitchen with living room.

Below are some pictures of living rooms decorated in this way to help you choose the most suitable setting for you:

credit photo source pixabay.com
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