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Best Laptops under 800 dollars – Review [2018-2019]

by on November 12, 2018

When searching for the Best Laptops under 800 dollars the plethora of offers and the variety of models can create confusion and make it harder for you to make the decision.

Before listing the Best Laptops under 800 dollars we will go through all the steps of a buying guide but if you wish you can go straight to the bottom of this article and see what are the Best Laptops under 800 dollars for the money.On the other hand if you aren’t restricted by your budget you can see here the best laptops according to their reviews on Amazon.com

Best Laptops under 800 dollars – Buying guide

Buying a laptop is even more difficult than buying a computer, considering it in terms of upgradeability. If a desktop is as easy as improving it along the way, it’s not the same thing about a laptop.
At best, you could increase your memory (if your laptop is longer) and so on. If you ignore certain hardware features and let go of the wave, tempted by the picture of a “very photogenic” laptop, you are likely to fall into the trap of choosing a laptop that does not fit your real requirements.

That’s why it’s important to make the right choice right from the start.

The manufacturer, size, performance, connectivity, display and battery life are all the key factors to keep in mind before you click on the “Order now” button.

How will you use your laptop?

Do you really have to answer this question?

Yes! Because depending on the answer you will know which laptop is best suited to your lifestyle. After all, when you search for the Best Laptops under 800 dollars, buying the perfect laptop is a great way to identify your personal needs accordingly.

Do you want a laptop to use when and when to browse the internet, pay for online bills, email and Facebook, organize and share pictures? Or do you need a laptop on which to save music and movies, to work in complex documents and programs? Finally, the most demanding users will definitely look at a high performance laptop, capable of playing well in games, coping with graphics requirements, working on multiple applications simultaneously, photo editing, and more. Well these users are ready to take out more money from their pockets to choose a better laptop with better screen resolution, a stronger processor, more memory and a higher capacity hard disk .

Laptop portability

This is a factor related to laptop size. The idea is that if you need more portability, you should look for a compact size laptop. There are people who carry the laptop everywhere, in a bag, every day – at work, public transport, excursions, meetings, etc. On the other hand there are companies and people who want laptops to sit in a room to save space and they will mostly use it there. Typically, those who need portability will be moving towards light and thin laptops.

Note: The size of your laptop is closely related to the screen size. In general, laptops with 12 to 14-inch displays are lighter than desktop-replacement laptops of 17.3 inches. However, many laptops on the market today come with a 15-inch screen, and this seems to be a standard that pleases everyone: it’s a compromise between some portability and superior performance. Choose wisely when searching for the best laptops under 800 dollars. You must be satisfied as this is an extreme factor when choosing the best laptops under 800 dollars.

Laptop display

Dimension. As a size, laptop displays vary between 11 and 17 inches, but rather large enough to help you find your model according to your style. A more generous laptop screen is ideal for gaming, movie viewing, photo editing, and complex documents. Remember that a larger screen makes your laptop bigger, harder and more consumable.
Resolution. It is preferable to look for a laptop with the best resolution because it automatically means clearer and more qualitative images. There are currently many resolutions available on laptops:

  • HD resolution 1366 x 768 pixels – for small laptops; ideal for browsing the Internet, email and basic tasks
  • HD resolution + 1600 x 900 pixels – for gaming and watching movies on DVD
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution – for watching Blue-ray movies and gaming
  • retina display resolution – by Apple’s 12 and 13.3 inch laptops
  • Quad HD / HD + resolution with 2560 x 1440 pixels and 3200 x 1800 pixels respectively – ideal for not losing important game details, text editing, professional photos, work on graphics, movies
  • 4K Ultra HD resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels – 4 times better than Full HD resolution, with a rich color and contrast that cuts your breath; perfect for editing images and graphics.

Display type

  • ┬áIPS or LED. LED backlight displays very bright colors. If you want a laptop to watch movies with your partner or family, look for an IPS panel model because it offers a higher viewing angle.
  • screen with glossy finish – for rich and deep blacks .
  • matt finish screen – minimizes reflection, making it perfect for outdoor use in natural light or indoors next to a window.

Laptop design

Laptop design is a subjective element and we can not give a clear verdict whether a laptop is beautiful or ugly. There are no ugly laptops to sell on the market. However, I stopped designing to emphasize the importance of the quality of the materials used. There are no ugly laptops, but there are laptops that stand out because of a premium look, a carcase that takes your eyes simply or even a special charm. It’s something that lives every time she puts her hand on a laptop that suits her and she loves it at first glance. There are cheaper laptops with poorly crafted plastic cases (like some models from MSI or Benq) and hi-tech laptops that inspire reliability and reliability (and Apple’s laptops are proud of here).

Processor: Intel vs AMD?

As for laptop processors, there are two major platforms: intel and AMD. Intel proposes CPUs ranging from Quad Core and Intel Core Mobile to Intel Core i7, while AMD has two large series of processors (FX / A series and E Series). There are many differences between the processor classes, but if you want a gaming laptop you should choose a model with a best-in-class processor. Most laptops on the market come equipped with Intel processors, but there are also some laptops with AMD processors, more affordable for those who are not so much interested in performance.

Laptop Memory

It’s an element I recommend to watch out for when purchasing a laptop. I was saying at first that it is harder to improve the performance of a laptop than on a desktop. Memory is something that you can improve. But be careful: when you look at a laptop check how many memory slots it has, what is the capacity of the memory it sells, what is the maximum capacity that you can support (if you can put it later) and what type it is. With regard to the type most laptops come now equipped with sodimm memory DDR3. The minimum recommended is 2 GB, but it would be preferable to a 4 GB laptop. Already a 8GB laptop should run faster and meet the usual multi-tasking requirements. For gamers and those who work with hardware-intensive programs, there are also laptops with 32 GB RAM or even larger ones.

Battery autonomy

Of course you want a laptop with the maximum battery life. But all laptops have the same autonomy, with small differences (manufacturers say a battery can hold from a few hours to 12 hours and even more). It’s not a rule, but smaller laptops tend to have stronger batteries. Most of them are Lithium Ion. Higher processing power, higher resolution, faster hdd, or the addition of an external optical drive are all factors that lead to faster battery depletion.

Hard drive

Storage capacity as it says is not a factor as important as memory. I mean, between a laptop with more memory and one with a higher capacity HDD, I would go on the first option. And I’ll explain it right away. For saving documents, photos, and other files, you can use an external hard disk drive, a USB stick, or DVDs. Now, with regard to storage, I would highlight the importance of SSD. An SSD will greatly help and significantly improve the performance of your laptop.

Price and warranty

Perhaps we should have passed the price as the main criterion at the top of this guide’s list. But I thought performance is just as important. For the decision you make is appropriate, you should look at all of the above criteria in a correlated way. In addition, now you can buy a better laptop in installments, which means you no longer depend on a fixed budget. Think about whether this payment method benefits you. As for the warranty, most laptops have a 24 – 36 month warranty, expandable. Warning: The battery is considered consumable and usually has a shorter warranty period.

Best Laptops under 800 dollars

– Best Laptops under 800 dollars

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