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Best Mountain Bikes under $2000 – Comparison and Review

by on September 5, 2018

Best Mountain Bikes under $2000 for pro and beginners. We are dedicated to do the hard work and give you honest opinion about the best mountain bikes! We rate the bikes from our own research as well as feedback from you, the bikers!

Best Mountain Bikes under $2000

Mountain bikes are fast, and easy to assemble and ride. They can keep you fit and save you money. But they also come in mind-boggling variety! Picking the right mountain bike can be overwhelming. It can take longer than buying a car! You might not even know what factors to consider while buying!

But thanks to the Internet, this is less of a challenge nowadays. Is this the first time you are buying a mountain bike? Look at our online reviews.

These reviews are written by people like you, who have gone through the grind and have come out with valuable lessons!

Please also remember to look at the features of the bike. Each bike has a “target audience”. Do you really need the features that the bike gives you? If you ride your bike mostly in lowly hills, you might not need a professional mountain bike. Thinking like this can help you decide on a bike to buy.

Broadly, mountain bikes can be classified in three categories: performance bikes, beginner bikes, and professional bikes. Now let’s see what’s the Best Mountain Bikes under $2000 in each category.

Beiou Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike – Best Overall Performance

Beiou Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

Best Professional Mountain Bike

Finally we come to the bike that is professionals’ choice. This is the BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike. It is one of the most famous professional mountain bikes in the United States.

For rough terrain you can always count on a professional bike, when it comes to comfort, riding experience, or the brakes. Of course, they matter a lot in tough mountain conditions! Many of our reviewers call this bike as the sturdiest and most responsive, making it easiest to ride on any kind of mountain trail! See the latest price for BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Here

Mongoose Maxim – Best Beginner Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Maxim is next on our list, being the most popular choice for the best beginner mountain bike.

Mountain bikes can have several kinds of suspension: dual suspension, front suspension, or full suspension. The Mongoose Maxim falls under the dual-suspension variety, allowing you to experience full comfort whether you ride up-hill or all the way down. A mountain bike lacking comfort is not just a bad deal, but can actually cause long-term injury. It is important that you look at suspension before purchasing a mountain bike.

Although designed for hills and valleys, this bike can still do well in daily use and urban areas. The bike is comfortable for everyday use, and has well-performing derailleur and swifter in hilly regions. This bike is very good for moderate off-road rides. The dual suspension provides comfort even in bumpy terrain.

As for the price, you will be delighted to know it! Whereas other Mongoose can cost you up to USD 1000, this bikes costs a lot less!

We recommend this bike as the best mountain bike for beginners. Choose the Best Mongoose bikes for beginners here

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