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How to choose the right furniture for your house – Tips

by on October 25, 2018

How to choose the right furniture for your house you may ask. In this article you will find many tips on how to How to choose the right furniture for Outdoor and Indoor.

Let’s start with the Outdoor Furniture.

How to choose the right furniture for your house

The chilly winds, pounding rain and heavy snowfall may have left your garden chairs and tables in a state of distress. However, with the warm sun poking its head through the clouds and the warm breeze starting to flow through the trees of our parks, now has never been a better time to invest in some new wooden garden furniture.

A variety of garden furniture sets, Concrete Chainsaws, garden tables, garden chairs and garden benches could help deck out your garden for an upcoming barbecue with friends. Nobody likes standing around holding their food on a plate (especially after a few too many drinks) so a set of wooden benches could help your guests eat their chicken wings and BBQ ribs in comfort.

However make sure that, as well as tailoring the furniture for your guests, you buy a set that is appropriate for the size and style of garden. Buying a huge table with 12 chairs for your postage-stamp sized garden is not appropriate. Likewise, a fold-up table will look abnormal in the sprawling acres of a country house. Calculate the measurements of your garden or patio and relay these to online furniture site retailers to get a good idea of what size furniture you should be looking for.

Summer is well on the way so don’t be left out in the cold with regards to your garden furniture. Learn How to choose the right furniture for your house in this article.

Decorating the outside of your house with the right Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture for your house should be selected carefully to maintain a synergy with the indoor home decorations. If you give an ordinary look to your outdoor furniture and a royal classy look to your home interior, it would be a complete mismatch.

All you need is a bit of planning with proper furniture selection to give the right look to the outside of your house.

How to choose the right furniture for your house:

It is necessary for you to consider the following factors to make the right purchase

  • Material of the furniture
  • Type of furniture for the particular purpose
  • Quality of the furniture
  • Right contrast
  • Color

You have to spend your money wisely so take every decision wisely. Select the right material, if you are living in area which is receives frequent rain fall it is better not to go which iron furniture as they would become rusted. Wooden furniture is more durable than air or glass furniture for outdoor usage. You can go with the high quality wood furniture made from rosewood or teak but it also depends on the amount of your budget.

Making the right contrast is also essential. Wood furniture is the best option for a classy look. You can combine the wooden furniture with those made from plastic. Mixing the different types of furniture would have a unique look to the outside of your house.

Generally we go with the traditional ways of designing with set of chair and a table in the middle , why not place stools or plastic couches for that purpose. You can also go with bench or small pillars. There are various types of modern furniture with attractive shapes and colors available nowadays, which are less expensive and occupies less space. They are also easily movable.

If you are looking for inexpensive furniture you can go with the painted or plastic furniture. They can be combined with proper cushioned seats covers and arm holders to create an interesting look.

All these will help you decorate the outer part of your house with the apt furniture.

Choosing the right cover for the outdoor furniture

Our outdoor furniture often gets damaged within a short span of time. They lose their original luster and quality due to long time exposure to external environment. Often they look incompatible with the home interior. To avoid such problems it is necessary to cover the furniture properly to retain their shine and durability longer. Choosing the right furniture cover is the obvious option.

Consideration to make while purchasing the right furniture cover

Often the harmful UV rays of the sun fade away the original color of the fabric. In that case it is important to choose a material that is thick enough to resist the sun rays. If your house is located in area which receives heavy rainfall throughout the year then it is better to opt for materials that are water – proof. Like water proof rain coats, water proof furniture covers are also available nowadays in the market. This will protect your furniture from the chemical reactions or rust formations.

If you want to hold the original look of your furniture then you can go for plastic covers which have a transparent look. You can also cover certain area like the seats of the chair, the arm holders separately depending on the amount of damage and the type of material used to manufacture it.


Certain fabrics are more lasting then others. It is better to select material that has the capacity to provide the maximum resistance. Thickness of the material matters most for this purpose, more the thickness of the cover better its durability.


It is the most important aspect of covering. Switching, pasting or packaging on the furniture should not be easily identified. The edges, sides of the furniture should be stitched carefully as they receive the maximum collision.

Based on your budget choose the right material with the following considerations to give the best protection to your furniture.

Indoor Tips on how to choose the right furniture

Tips for Choosing the right Dining Table

Dinning table is the most important furnishing item in a dinning room. There are different types of dinning table and coffee tables with different forms and shapes available in the furnishing shops nowadays. It is important to consider few basic factors before buying a dining table which are as follow

How to choose the right furniture for your house – Things to consider

  • 1. Space available
  • 2. Theme of the room
  • 3. Color of the room
  • 4. Other Accessories in the room
  • 5. Design of the table
  • 6. Quality and durability
  • 7. Maintenance factor
  • 8. Structure and comfort
  • 9. Budget

It is important to choose the right material for the furniture although wood is the most common option. Dining table made from hardwood, sandle-wood, Formica, compressed woods tends to last longer. There are also dining tables formed with the blend of other materials like glass, iron, plastic etc. Often there are delicate surface designs on the dining tables based on traditional patterns which make them much attractive. It should have a firm structure to withstand any sort of weight. Proper finishing is also essential to enhance its durability.
Dining table generally comes with chairs which vary from 4- 12 depending on the size of the table. It is also important to verify the quality and comfort level of the chair to make the right choice.

How to Maintain the Original Shine and Look of your Home Furniture

Furniture is our fixed assets which get depreciated over the years due to repeated usage. It is possible to delay their deprecation rate with proper cleaning tactics. Different types of furniture require different method and procedures to protect from harmful internal and external agents.

Ways to maintain your furniture

  • Clean your furniture with suitable cleanser
  • Use clean cloth or rug for cleaning purpose
  • Apply vacuum cleaner to clean the curves or undulated surface area
  • Use lime, vinegar to fight with tough stains
  • Polish furniture regularly to maintain its shine longer
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance can enhance the durability of the furniture. In case of wooden furniture and iron furniture it is important to paint them at regular interval with liquid wax to retain their original look. Leather furniture needs proper conditioning to hold their natural look.

Furniture made of marble, granite can be cleaned with mild soap and other non- abrasive households to make them dust free and make them look as good as new. Certain types of brooms and brushes can also be used to clean furniture. Applying proper cleaning technique will ensure long life for your furniture.

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