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What is the Best Orthopedic mattress for Hip or Back Pain

by on November 2, 2018

Best Orthopedic mattress for hip and back problems. Read this article to make the best choice.

What is the best best Orthopedic mattress

You are undoubtedly one of those people who are wise about any purchase. You know how to choose high-quality things that have served you for years. You prefer to spend more time on the right choice than throwing money down the drain.

How to choose an orthopedic mattress is a difficult question, due to the huge variety of products in this market.(Best Orthopedic mattress)

Best orthopedic mattresses – Review

We collected reviews for you, which mattress is better, and also tried to highlight in the article all existing subtleties, nuances and pitfalls, which are important to pay attention to when choosing, so that you don’t have to regret.

Spring unit mattresses

The most important detail. Spring blocks are of two types: dependent and independent. Dependent – these are Bonnel springs that work in a single bundle. This means that they are minted beneath you, creating a hammock effect. You fall slightly in the middle of the bed, while its edges are raised. And if you sleep with your spouse, who is heavier than you, then constantly rolls down on his bed edge.

Do not believe mattress manufacturers, who will convince you that models with Bonnel springs are orthopedic. These mattresses are in our store, but we honestly warn you – there is no use for your back from sleeping on such springs. Meanwhile, this is a great option if you need an extra bed, for example, to give, for guests, and you want to save.

The second type of springs is independent. These are already options for a healthy sleep with a real orthopedic effect. And the more springs per square meter – the higher this effect, the better for your spine. There may be 256, 500, 1000, 2000 …

How is everything arranged? Each spring acts independently and is in a separate case. Only those parts of the mattress that you are currently pressing are bending. And they, in turn, return your weight back, reliably supporting the whole body, repeating its anatomical contours and tightly pressed against the back.

There are special models for couples with a large difference in weight (for example, models Promtex-Orient Duet Middle Eco and Dreamline SleepDream Hard DS). Even if one spouse is twice as heavy, the second one will not roll down to the middle of the bed – the mattress will keep a flat surface!

Mattress Fillers

Now there are a lot of various fillers: coconut fiber, latex, artificial latex, memory material, memorix, holofiber, thermofelt, polyurethane foam … The best, of course, is to choose natural ones. They create a healthy microclimate in the bedroom, are well ventilated, dry quickly, do not absorb odors …

However, do not believe if you will be convinced that only natural fillers possess these properties. In fact, now artificial analogues are not much inferior to natural ones in characteristics. Also pass the air, also hypoallergenic. Otherwise, would they miss them on the market? Unless they would pass every possible checks and state standard specifications?

Mattress Stiffness

Orthopedic mattresses have 3 levels of hardness: high, medium and low. A hard mattress is filled with coconut fiber or holofiber (for example, the model Promtex-Orient Multipocket Cocos Strutto and Dreamline Eco Hollow Hard TFK). Mattress with classic medium hardness – coconut in combination with layers of latex or thermal block (for example, models Dreamline Balance Medium S1000 and Promtex-Orient Soft Middle Eco). And the soft models are made of memorix, polyurethane foam or one latex (for example, models Promtex-Orient Soft Standart 1 and Dreamline Memory Sleep TFK).

Best Orthopedic mattress conclusion

Remember that the harder the mattress – the more benefits to your spine, the healthier the sleep! If in doubt that you will be comfortable, take a model with universal rigidity. As a rule, the classic in the form of a coconut with latex is suitable for everyone.

Sure, you choose the model that suits you and your spouse! Decide on the three parameters listed above: spring block, fillers and stiffness – and you can safely proceed to the purchase!

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